On now at Time and Tide in Great Yarmouth, this fascinating new exhibition invites visitors to see what lies beneath the skin as they explore the beauty and secrets of animal skeletons.

The spectacular specimens on display come from around the world and include a Burmese python, a lemur and a meerkat, as well as examples from closer to home such as a carrion crow and common frogs.
In total over 20 animals from across the animal kingdom including birds, fish, amphibians and mammals are represented in dynamic 3D exhibits, stunning images and interactive displays.

Skeletons help us understand how animals move, but they can tell us much more; these intricate structures reveal what animals eat, where they live, how they give birth. They can tell us how the animal moved around when it was alive and how old it was when it died. They can show us how different species are linked – and how they have evolved.

From an Osprey holding on to a slippery fish (complete with the gruesome realism that the bird breaks the fish’s spine to stop it flapping and escaping) to a frog’s transformation from a tadpole, the skeletons on display show the ways in which form and function come together.

They also show the beauty and intricacies of the skeletal form, with many strikingly posed ‘in action’ against a black backdrop to bring out their aesthetic as well as their functional q