Our mantra at Enjoying Norfolk is Discover, Support, Enjoy.

But how do you do that in a time when we are being encouraged not to go out and some small, independent Norfolk businesses have even had to close their doors temporarily?

Well, if you can, try to still buy from them. If they have an online element or a home delivery element to their business, use it if you can. Even if it’s just once. Every little really does help.

Here at Enjoying Norfolk (and also Enjoy Norwich and Enjoy North Norfolk) we aim to continue to champion the lovely local places and spaces that make Norwich and Norfolk so unique, so fabulous, so great to live in and visit.

Because one day, this horrible and unprecedented situation WILL be over and we will all be able to emerge again, blinking into the light, and these small businesses and venues will need someone to shout about them once again.

So… while things remain, frankly, uncertain and a bit scary, we will keep posting and sharing about our favourite local things to do.

Hopefully they will provide a welcome distraction to the distressing news cycle and huge amounts of information on social media.

Save them, bookmark them, start a ‘to do list’, and one day in the future, we hope you you will be able to go back to Enjoying Norfolk fully once again.

Now… here’s how you can help us to continue to champion our lovely local places…
In light of the current situation, we’ve changed the price of our Enjoying Norfolk Card (a fab little Card that offers discounts and deals across Norfolk, encouraging you to try new places) to a PAY WHAT YOU WANT item – a sort-of ‘pay what you think it’s worth / name your price’ type thing.

There’s a little postage too, as it costs us to post first class, BUT what we’re asking is for you to dig deep and donate something that will help us to keep championing our local businesses – while times are tough, while some are not even able to operate – so they can be a little bit resilient for when better times come back.

We realise that you won’t be able to use your Enjoying Norfolk Card much right now of course. So we’re also extending the membership span for each new Card to 18 months.

So… to summarise:

  • Please help us to keep helping the wonderful businesses we post and share about
  • Buy an Enjoying Norfolk Card (or two, or five)
  • Pay what you feel you can
  • Use you Card when things eventually return to some sort of normal

Being a small, family business ourselves, we really appreciate the continued support and wish everyone well.

Andrew & Steph x

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