A review of 2023

Wheelyboat Poppy had a very successful 2023 Season. Her Team planned 65 trips from Blakeney Quay out into Blakeney Harbour and beyond to the two National Nature Reserves, between April and October. Poppy carried passengers with a range of disabilities (together with family members and carers). Unfortunately, 16 trips had to be cancelled due to poor weather, but they do need to take the utmost care.

On the subject of safety, Poppy is limited to taking a maximum weight of 365kg (total passenger and wheelchair weight) keeping her within the guidelines and allowing for crew.

Here are some reviews from passengers of the 2023 Season:

“Lovely trip on Poppy out of Blakeney on a rather cold and windy day, but well worth going. Check them out if you get a chance…lovely”

“We spent a week in Norfolk and my mum really wanted to see the seals, so a couple of months before we went, I