In Episode 9 of Season Two of our Norfolk & Good podcast (all about summer in Norfolk), we talked about summer drinking, and promised we’d put some of the recipes that we discussed up online. So here they are… Enjoy!

First up, from the fabulous English Whisky Company, a Norfolk summer cocktail: ‘The Norfolk’ Quince & Ginger Beer.

How to make? Simply mix the following:

25ml Quince Whisky Liqueur
75ml Ginger Beer
A squeeze of lime
A slice of Lime
A sprig of Mint

'The Norfolk' Quince & Ginger Beer.

Next, from Cromer-based Poppyland Brewery, Poppyland’s Iced Mixture for a Merry Summer:


  • One 50cl bottle of Bert’s Dark Ale
  • 50cl of top-quality lemonade
  • 8cl (four tablespoons) of Poppyland East Coast Dry Gin
  • 200g of frozen fruit (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or a mixture)
  • One unwaxed lemon, chopped into chunks
  • One orange, chopped into chunks
  • Half a small cucumber, sliced into thick batons
  • One stick of celery (optional. we left this out).
  • Fresh mint leaves, bruised
  • Icecubes


  • Put the frozen fruit in the bottom of a large glass jug.
  • Add the chopped lemon, orange and cucumber.
  • Pour the ale and lemonade onto the fruit and cucumber, add the gin and bruised mint leaves, stir with the celery stick.
  • Add some more ice as necessary, then leave to chill for five minutes, put two or three ice cubes each into highball glasses and pour a measure of P.I.M.M.S. into each glass, allowing fruit mix to fall in as it may. Hand round, enjoy.
Iced Mixture for a Merry Summer ingredients.
Poppyland's Iced Mixture for a Merry Summer.
Poppyland's Iced Mixture for a Merry Summer.
Poppyland's Iced Mixture for a Merry Summer.

As well as refreshing summer beverages, we started the episode by mentioning a no-churn ice cream recipe that one of our fabulous listeners directed us towards (the recipe is by her daughter).

This easy-peasy summer dessert recipe is via Charlotte (A Cup of Tea and Cake) and she’s also shared some tips if you’re planning to have a go:

“If you’ve never made no-churn before, I’ve got a few failsafe tips to make the best ice cream of your life:

🥛 Condensed milk is THE secret ingredient when it comes to making no-churn! It’ll make your ice cream smooth and creamy, rather than icy, as it has such a low water content.
🥃 Add a dash of alcohol to keep the ice cream soft and scoopable, instead of chewy and solid. Rum and whisky are usually good bets!
💛 Add the seeds from a vanilla bean for the strongest, most intense flavour. Look for plump, dark brown pods that are shiny and fragrant. @nielsenmasseyuk vanilla bean paste is also a great alternative.”

Follow Charlotte’s No Churn Raspberry Ice Cream recipe here.

No Churn Raspberry ice Cream by a Cup of Tea and Cake (Image: Charlotte, A Cup of Tea and Cake.)

Do let us know if you make any of these recipes – we love to hear your feedback! That goes for the podcast too – contact us here or via social media. Let us know what you’re up to this summer in Norfolk.


~ Andrew & Steph