Unveiled last week, the Happisburgh Time and Tide Bell is a new installation on the Norfolk Coast that we think is an absolutely wonderful idea.

Designed to be rung by the waves at high tide, Happisburgh’s bell is one of 13 ‘Time and Tide’ bells situated around Britain where at any given time one of the bells will be tolling.

The timber frame holding the bell was made from a single oak tree planted in 1790 and felled in 2021, having captured within it carbon from all the years of the industrial revolution to the present day.

The project was created by Marcus Vergette, intended to remind us of our relationship with the land and the sea, and ourselves and the environment. With Happisburgh itself a victim to the environmental ravages of coastal erosion, this idea is particularly poignant.

Bells have been used for centuries to warn and summon, and it is hoped that this installation might prompt thought and action, whether about our reaction to the sea level raising or simply to contemplate the nature of time and the small portion we are each given.

To find out more visit https://www.timeandtidebell.org/