Two fabulous days planned at Norwich Puppet Theatre this May Half-Term

The Goose Who Flew

Wednesday 29th May, 11am (all ages) & 2:30pm
Recommended for ages 3+
Tickets £10/ £35 Family
Presented by Half Moon Theatre

“If I was a goose, who flew, what would I do? Where would I go? I know, do you?” Goose loves the summer, playing with his family and friends, but soon it will be time for him to fly south for the winter. As his journey begins, things are not as they should be. Down below, a border has appeared and there are barbed wire fences and flashing lights. Using charming storytelling, simple puppetry and an assortment of quirky characters, The Goose Who Flew is a heartfelt story about the importance of compassion, community and understanding, that offers an age appropriate exploration of the issues facing people who seek safety in a new land.


The Goose Who Flew at Norwich Puppet Theatre





Stories in the Dark

Saturday 1st June, 10am (relaxed), 11.30am (all ages), 1pm (all ages), 2pm & 3pm
Recommended for ages 2+
Tickets £9/ £32 Family of four
Presented by Marion Leeper

Dive inside the magical story tent and find out who stole the darkness, why the sun and the moon are high and dry in the sky and how three monkeys came to be in a canoe. Full of twinkling lights, vibrant colours and just a touch of darkness, the story tent provides the perfect storytelling adventure for 2-5 year olds. Experience the wonder of stories that feature darkness and light. Join in, be part of the fun and explore the magic of the dark in a delightfully safe place.


Stories in the dark at Norwich Puppet Theatre