Today is a day designated by the UN to celebrate the world’s shared ocean and its importance to our planet and our lives.

It’s a good opportunity to shed light on the problem of plastic waste in the ocean, especially since Norfolk has 90 miles of coastline, where our gorgeous land meets the sea.

Did you know that 35% of all micro-plastics in the ocean come from the washing of synthetic textiles? And that the proportion of synthetic fibres in garments has doubled since 2000.

ALL our Enjoying Norfolk clothes and gifts are PLASTIC FREE and made from ORGANIC, NATURAL materials.

Since we opened our online store in 2021, we’ve helped eliminate 177 kg of plastic, from using plastic free packaging and via sponsorship of plastic recovery. That’s equivalent to over 8,000 plastic bottles 🙌

Our products are meant to last (no fast fashion here), and we have systems in place for recycling them when their useful life is over (they’re ‘circular’).

So when you buy from us, you’re not just supporting a small, family business based in Norfolk, you’re helping support the future of our oceans too.

Check out our World Oceans Day Collection, and make sure you really do lea