When I first saw Teepees Tents and Treats fabulous fairy-lit set-ups on Facebook, I wished such a thing had existed when I was 9 years old. Oh heck, who am I kidding? I want one of their gorgeously glittery sleep-over parties now at… ahem… a little older than 9.

Alas, I am too big. BUT that didn’t stop us living vicariously through our children. And when we saw the range of available themes (including army base, superheroes, etc), we just had to give them a go.

Owner Riz appears at your house (or party location) with an abundance of friendliness and energy and transforms your sleepover space like some sort of sparkly interior-design fairy. Without us having to lift a finger, she had four miniature tents and an indoor campsite set up within the hour, complete with a gorgeous pretend campfire and matching bedding, which included pillows that look like tree trunk cross-sections (so cool!).

Along with the total lack of hassle on your part (just give Riz the space and she’ll make it wonderful), it’s the attention to detail that really st