Ready, steady, slow! The fastest snails in the world…

…will be at the Snail Racing World Championships – held right here in Norfolk!

That’s right! The Snail Racing World Championships are back: 8th July 2023, Grimston Cricket Ground on Lynn Road.

The race was suspended in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic, and this quirky British event, held at Congham since the 1960s, looked like it might slide off the calendar for good when news hit of the permanent demise of the local church fete.

Now local businessmen Nicholas Dickinson of Congham Hall Hotel and Ian Haynes of Haynes Energy Services are resurrecting the unique sporting challenge. The gastropods will gather once more at the competition’s traditional home, Grimston Cricket Ground.

“It’s safe to say that the Snail Racing World Championships can look forward to a bright future in the slow lane,” confirmed Mr Dickinson.

The event is part of the village fete and the snail racing raises money for the local church. Entry fees are very reasonable at just £1 per snail, and snails are provided on the day for those who wish to hire them – some competitors raise their own to bring on the day.

The World Championships will take place