What a Wonderful World…

Yesterday we returned to one of our favourite Norfolk Museums, Time and Tide in Great Yarmouth, to enjoy their current exhibition: The Wonderful World of the Ladybird Book Artists.

A stunning touring exhibition, this features 100s of vintage Ladybird books plus the original artwork and stories about the artists themselves.

A visual feast, it was so interesting to learn more about the fascinating story behind Ladybird Books.
And as a child learning to read in 1980s, it was funny how familiar so many of them were to me (we have several at home still). Lots of memories flooded back.

A superb exhibition for anyone interested in books, art and all in between. It’s also a very intriguing catalogue of changing attitudes and society during the period of 1940-1975.

For kids, there’s a trail through the museum (‘Storytime through the Ages’) and an area with a sofa and huge stack of Ladybird books you can sit and read. Fabulous.

On now until 23rd January 2022. Booking advised.

Post-visit beach walk, donuts and candy floss optional (but it’s what we did 😆).