We probed Carl Mann, Owner of Café Pure @ St Georges in Norwich, to discover what makes his business tick…

Describe ‘Café Pure.

At Café Pure, we aim to serve fresh food and drink, in an adaptable environment, with speedy and informal service. We have a wide spectrum of clientele in the area, but with a great focus to be able to serve that busy coffee morning rush and the much-needed lunch hour with speed, but not forgoing the quality! We have invested in our staff who have great experience and knowledge along with modern equipment that assists us with our aims.

We have a huge range of cakes and sweet treats, ensuring we capture the ever-growing Vegan market with some exciting products. Fresh soups, homemade scones, generously filled and sensibly priced ciabattas are the hit during lunch time as well! We believe in flexibility, and if we can do it, we will!

The environment is casual, great for a coffee meet, or quick lunch. Above all though, along with our ethos, the premises are flexible too. Fully licensed and available for private hire, Birthdays, parties, formal dining or Networking, we can cater for all.

Café Pure very simply focuses on 2 things: Fresh produce, made on the day, sold on the day and service with speed and personality!

What inspired you to start/found Café Pure?

Our journey began in 2011 at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, with the simple plan to improve service and food quality to those who are in need, but often miss out due to where they work, what is on offer and how much they can justify or afford to spend on working lunches. Offering fresh food, and value for money, along with ensuring that a break is exactly that, was and still is our mission. We prepare ourselves and our products for busy periods so we can meet it head on and give the best for those busy rushes so that our customers can do exactly what they intended to do for the break: sit, eat and relax.

Contractual reasons forced us to end our reign at the NNUH, causing uproar in the locality of the NNUH. So, here we are on St Georges Street, with the same plan, and offering our services to NUA and all local businesses in the surrounding areas! (The NNUH staff discount still applies here!)

Tell us what makes your business stand out from other similar businesses?

Great value for money! There are many things… but our value, we believe, is great.

Offering a regular hot drink in the morning for only £1 certainly could be considered as a horrendous business decision: no margin, excessive queues, pay the VAT and what do you have left, not a lot let me tell you! But what we do have is an advert for our business, and our gesture of goodwill.

We give you this and we gain and retain loyalty, along with tempting