We could all use a little extra support to feel good sometimes. Enter, Feel Good Therapies.

Based in the Norwich Lanes, FGT promises to offer “focused therapy time to those looking to improve their overall wellbeing and wanting their whole selves to feel good.”

We sat down with Founder and Therapist, Sarah Groves, to find out a bit more about the business of making people feel good…

Sarah Groves - Feel Good Therapies.

Describe Feel Good Therapies for us.

What it is to be healthy and to feel good is very unique to all of us. It is becoming more and more important for us to understand the need to look at our whole selves when considering our wellbeing. How can we ensure our stress levels mean we are productive and not overwhelmed? How can we more regularly engage a calm and connected state to create a healthy balance for ourselves?

As a practitioner of 10 years, I am very enthusiastic about guiding individuals in finding their own path to feeling good. The physiological response that happens when we receive a treatment that we enjoy, is hugely beneficial to our health. My therapy room in Bagley’s Court, a Norwich Lanes courtyard, provides a beautiful quiet space for people to come and enjoy some time out. My clients are always very surprised at how relaxed they feel after a session, and what improvement they can notice in their health after a few treatments.

What inspired you to open / set up Feel Good Therapies?

I had a Reflexology treatment in 2007 and totally fell in love. I became a Reflexologist in 2009. It has been a steady process of developing my work in between having my two wonderful children, now 7 and 9, who then inspired me to train further to specialise in working with mummies and babies.

Tell us what makes your business stand out from other similar businesses?

I feel very passionate about caring for women during their pregnancy and postpartum. From supporting my clients during conception, to easing them through pregnancy, guiding them in their postpartum, to then sharing techniques they can use on their babies, is a very humble journey to be a part of. Things such as the ‘Mummy Chillouts’ and the baby / child reflexology workshops, I believe, are quite distinctive. The postpartum care work is very specific also, and I am excited about developing this side of my work more this year.

I love the idea of collaborations and have created one with Fresh, my favourite food stall on Norwich Market. It is an offer of a nourishing lunchtime, whereby someone can choose a fusion noodle meal or refreshing juice from Fresh, and then enjoy a discounted treatment at my therapy room. This is part of my desire to develop more local connections, bringing our community together, as well as focusing on the awareness of looking after ourselves during our working days.

Speaking of your business, what are you most proud of and what would you have done differently… and why?

I am most proud of the fact that I have done the majority of my learning, training and developing of my business at the same time as becoming a mother. The two journeys have come hand in hand. I qualified as a Reflexologist in November 2009, and then discovered I was to become a Mother on New Year’s Eve of 2009. Therefore, going into 2010, I started a whole new path. Along the way, I have come to understand what actual self-care looks like and the importance of building my village.

In the early years of being a mum, I experienced anxiety and felt totally exhausted. Had I known what I know now, I would have better recognised the support I needed, asked for help more, not put myself under so much pressure in regards to my work, been more gentle with myself, and allowed space for motherhood to unfold more gradually. And so, my own transition into motherhood, has inspired me to learn how I can best support others in this journey.

What’s next for Feel Good Therapies?

This year I will be focusing on launching my postpartum care work. I am keen to be a part of shifting the postpartum paradigm, revolutionising, and bringing more awareness about the importance of planning beyond the birth of our babies. From February, I will begin further training with The Nafsa School Project, to learn the ancient and sacred traditional postpartum care offered to Moroccan mothers, it is beautiful work.

I am organising a Treat Night in February, inviting mums with newborns and mums-to-be, to come along to enjoy a relaxed and informative evening, where we can begin the conversations about how we can create positive postpartum experiences. I will begin my monthly postpartum education workshops from March, encouraging parents to learn about this special unique time, that requires specific support to ensure the long term wellbeing of their family.

Having worked many years within an office environment, I am also very interested in supporting wellbeing in the workplace. I plan to approach Norwich businesses about coming into their office to offer a presentation about ‘feeling good at work’. I recently delivered this to the energy consultancy, Indigo Swan, and they gave some really positive feedback, which has encouraged me to get this rolling out sooner rather than later!

Tell us something really exciting that’s coming up for Feel Good Therapies in 2020.

Working as a self-employed practitioner has had its challenges, I have recognised the need for connecting with a community of other practitioners and wellbeing businesses, to feel supported in what we do and to learn from each other. Therefore, I am currently working on a project which I am very much looking forward to launching later this year. Watch this space!

Tell us about your favourite Norfolk day out… and why?

Wells-Next-The-Sea with its beach huts, pinewoods, rope swings and mini train to the town for amusements and fish ‘n’ chips is definitely one of our favourite family days out.

Finally… Enjoying Norfolk is all about discovering new places and businesses in Norfolk. Do you have a Norwich or Norfolk gem or a top tip for a thing to do / place to visit that you can share with us?

The North Norfolk coast has always had my heart. There is a fantastic walk from Cromer pier to Overstrand that is really beautiful.

Read more about Feel Good Therapies on their website, and remember you receive £5 OFF a one hour session when you show your Enjoying Norfolk Card.