If you like Gaming (or know someone who does), then One Life Left Gaming Café on St Benedict’s Street in Norwich is definitely worth checking out.

We had a chat with Owner Jon Gage to find out a bit more about the business…

Jon Gage - Director of One Life Left Norwich Gaming Cafe.

Describe One Life Left for us.

One Life Left is a video games themed coffee shop and entertainment venue. We offer gaming alongside food and drink, as well as regular tournaments, private hire and themed events every week.

What inspired you to open / set up One Life Left?

Previously working in the games retail industry, it was clear that the digital market was affecting the security of the standard retail model. With the high street becoming more of a destination for experiences, retailers were beginning to implement activities alongside their usual operations. With a desire to work for myself, it was simply a case of looking at where my skillset and interests are focused, with my background in retail and leisure, and this naturally led to the formation of the initial business plan. We opened in April 2017 and have never looked back!

Tell us what makes your business stand out from other similar businesses?

We offer a unique concept in the city for gaming fans of all ages, backgrounds and interests. We cater to students midweek and after-school activities, and then run 18+ events in the evenings, such as tournaments and game launch events. We offer a safe space for the gaming community of Norwich to come together and celebrate their passion. We also hire out the whole venue for parties, which is one of our most popular services, specifically tailored to guests’ requirements.

Speaking of your business, what are you most proud of and what would you have done differently… and why?

I’m most proud of how we’ve proven the concept of the business as we are now in our third successful year. We’ve become synonymous with gaming in Norwich and are now a go-to destination for game launches and events.

What’s next for One Life Left?

We are looking to expand the business with new venues around East Anglia, as well as grow our existing customer base through our continued schedule of events.

Tell us something really exciting that’s coming up in the One Life Left calendar.

We run monthly tournaments and events, all of which are listed on our Facebook and social channels. Alongside our regular Kids Nights, Fight Nights, Student Nights, Live Streams and tournaments, we have the following:
02/12 Fight Night – Free Screen Hire
04/12 Kids Night – Free Screen Hire
14/12 High Stakes Super Smash Bros U