If you’ve been on Twitter or watching Netflix this weekend, you might have noticed ‘The Dig’, a new film about the amazing excavation of Sutton Hoo in Suffolk (which is a fantastic place to visit, by the way).

Here at Enjoying Norfolk, we’re fascinated by such things, and love the fact that we’re all sitting on so much hidden history, just waiting to be unearthed. For this reason, we really enjoy the Instagram posts from the likes of local lady, Mudfacegirl (*not her real name ;-)).

Norfolk born and bred, Mudfacegirl is a lady who spends all her spare time looking for little items of a bygone age with her metal detector.

A cool recent find from Norfolk includes this wonderful medieval gold ring bezel with sapphire, that she tells us dates from around 1200 – 1400 AD.

Medieval gold found by Mudfacegirl.

“Norfolk is the richest area in the UK for metal detecting. The finds made in our County are off the scale compared to anywhere else in the UK,” she tells us.

“Our wonderful County of Norfolk is a true treasure of the UK. Rich in beauty and also history.”

Speaking specifically of this medieval gold fine, Mudfacegirl says: “Sapphires used in medieval jewellery often came from Ceylon, now Sri Lanka. Crazy to think maybe this little jewel made that journey from Sri Lanka to deepest Norfolk.”

Medieval gold ring bezel with sapphire unearthed by Mudfacegirl.

“I’m Norfolk to the core, with a naturally inquisitive nature”, she tells us, as we dig a little deeper into what ignited her passion for detectoring. “I started metal detecting over 16 years ago. My instinct to pick items out of the soil began in the 1970s as a little girl on the Norfolk farm I then lived at. Finding pottery shards, as I played in the fields as my Dad was working them. Norfolk can boast many things, one of which is its wealth of history unparalleled to any other County in the UK. We have secrets laying in the earth here, waiting to be found. Be it a button from a WW2 service uniform, a Roman brooch or a silver coin from our busy medieval era. I am incredibly passionate about Norfolk, and also the wonderful items I have unearthed. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else to live, or to detect.

All my finds are made in different areas of Norfolk. For obvious reasons, I just don’t ever discuss locations publicly.”

Though, sadly, Mudfacegirl has been hobbled for metal detectoring due to the current Covid restrictions, you can keep up to date with her latest finds and musings on Instagram at @mudfacegirl.